Our Technology Innovation practice offers customers from all sectors the opportunity to ensure that businesses are able to reach their desired goals by ensuring they are equipped with the appropriate in house talent, who have the required skillset to use technology to its full potential. We offer agile and adaptive solutions on both a contract and permanent basis, allowing our clients the flexibility to grow their headcount in line with their business needs. Unlike our competitors, we ensure that we are investing beneficial time researching the challenges facing our customers, allowing us to offer invaluable bespoke solutions. Our vision is to ensure that all customers, irrespective of sector or budget, are able to obtain the skills required for their business to grow. We achieve this by financing contract staff for you, fully vetting all staff and offering assistance in the contractual aspects of recruitment. Choosing Huxley means that you can spend your precious time thinking about the next steps for your business, safe in the knowledge that you have the technology footprint to deliver efficient and effective solutions for your customer.   

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Organisations are using Business Intelligence (‘BI’) across an enormous range of disciplines and industries. As companies are growing, BI is becoming more and more essential to the growth and maintenance of company data. BI can be used for anything from analysing simple data to integrating vast data warehouses using the latest technology available in the market. Due to the increased popularity of BI, we have ensured that all of our consultants are fully up to date on current market trends, and are able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the new technologies our candidates and clients are working with. In today’s market, businesses of all sizes are able to gain an insight into just how consumers are interacting with their product or service, enabling them to make adjustments that will more directly benefit the consumer. If you want to improve the offering of your business, Data Analytics is the answer. At Huxley, we cover all aspects of Data Analytics, whether it be the IT stack, data architecture of the use of data for reporting means, we have the solution for you.

Cyber & Information Security
Internal and external risks are rife in a world where a great deal of information is held on a hosted database. All companies have an obligation to their customer base to ensure that personal information is stored securely, far away from any potential risk. The internal elements take precedence when information is on hand to staff members, therefore it is paramount that businesses across all sectors are able to apply the appropriate security measures to ensure that no information breaches take place. At Huxley we offer tried and tested staff, ranging from entry level personnel to senior management, who are there to ensure that your business is taking the correct security measures to avoid any unnecessary problems; saving you negative headlines and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customers like to feel that they are being listened to and that they are receiving a bespoke approach to their needs. The only way that any business can offer this is to ensure that they have a fit for purpose Client Relationship Management tool. This allows the business to hold all data for each individual, meaning they can create an endless supply of possibilities from a marketing, targeted product selection. At Huxley we specialise in placing leading talent within the CRM space into your business, covering bespoke tools all the way up to and including Salesforce & MS Dynamics. We cover the full suite of roles, ensuring that our clients can staff their CRM projects from a central hub of talent. 

The “art of developing” is changing rapidly. Companies are now looking to adopt new technologies in order to drive and improve their business model. As a product of this, there has been an increased demand in the market to hire within the area of programming, specifically for web based or mobile applications. “Apps” are the perfect portal to allow businesses of any size to get their brand into their customer’s hands at a time that suits the consumer. Clients are constantly looking at ways to enhance their functionality and ensure that they are optimising user experience through advanced programming and design.
As software demands evolve and grow, new and less widely-accepted languages are growing in prominence. We have noticed that are clients are building on their core Java capabilities and diversifying the languages they use to including Node.Js, Ruby on Rails or Python.

Here at Huxley, as technology evolves our consultants stay up to date with the latest trends and developments. We pride ourselves on our ability to match key talent in this fast based and ever evolving market of technological innovation. With the capabilities to find staff from Front End to Back End Development through to specialised Mobile Developers, we are confident that we have the perfect recruitment solution to fit your development need.